About US

Felts product is purified lamb wool. All the felts products here we have is handmade in Nepal by experienced women those who works and create the items. Nepali felt products are famous in fashion world. We have varieties of felt items such as: Felt Bag, Felt Coin Purse, Felt Pencil Holder, Felt Shoes, Felt Belts, Felt Mufflers, Felt Hats, Felt Ball Carpets, Felt Sheets, Felt Jewelry, Felt Cushion Cover, Felt Christmas gifts and felt accessories etc. Here we have present only few items of designs having 1000 with us for only our valued customers. We will provide as much sample only those customers who have done already first business with us.

Felt products are purely made by shaping the raw wool with soap, water and human hand pressures, no chemicals are used during this process. Thus shaped products are dried under the sun. Due to its unique manufacturing process any desired shapes can be created. This traditional process is strong. Seamless products that is very unique. Each and every product is individually made by hand

We are manufacturer and exporter of handmade felt products from Nepal. Felts are of purified wool. All the felts products here we have is handmade in Nepal by experience women those who work under our company. Felt is matted wool by using hand pressure and soap water. It is not knitted cloth. Actually, felt is used in Nepal in the Himalayas for the protection from harsh cold. Now various items are made with felt. We are government registered company. Our items are 100% Handmade.

First of all thank you for giving us your valuable time to introduce our self as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of felt bags, felt shoes, felt purses, felt accessories and felt ball mat from  Nepal. Rajendra Handicraft Pvt. Ltd was established in October 2002 AD with a sole aim of exporting Nepalese handicraft goods to the different part of the world.

Today Handicraft Felt Shop Pvt. Ltd is the Major exporter of Nepalese handicraft from Nepal. It has its own production unit of Felt Bags, Hats, Shoes and Felt Items. Its Factory has more then 200 workers and 80% of them are women, which helps them to support their family financially. Besides our production unit, we also work parallel with several micro producers to promote their market.

We have 60 % of our buyers from Europe,20% from USA and 20% from Japan, Korea, and Thailand. We have more then 200 designs of felt bags and other items of felt.

We follow the rules and regulation of World Fair Trade Organization, Nepal.

  1. Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
  2. Transparency and Accountability
  3. Trading Practices 
  4. Payment of a Fair Price
  5. No Child Labor and Forced Labor
  6. Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association
  7. Working Conditions
  8. Capacity Building
  9. Promotion of Fair Trade
  10. Environment